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Aalto Scientific, Ltd. 2931
Abbott Diagnostics MR36
Abbott Diagnostics MR37
Abbott Diagnostics 2201 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Abbott Diagnostics MR17
Agappe Diagnostics Switzerland GmbH 4200
Analyticon Biotechnologies GmbH 1078 FacebookLinkedIn
Applied Biomedical LLC 4264
APTEC Diagnostics NV 882
ArkAb 4403 TwitterLinkedIn
Asahi Kasei Corporation 901
Athens Research & Technology 4230
Atila BioSystems 2250
AUDIT MicroControls, Inc. 3539 FacebookTwitter
AVE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 987
Azer Scientific 3807 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
B&E Diagnostics Inc. 3065 Facebook
BBI Solutions 4254 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Binding Site, Inc. 1927 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
BioIVT 3052 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Biomatrica, Inc. 1589 Upgraded
Bio-Rad Laboratories 3239 Twitter
BioResource Technology, Inc. (US) 1942
BiosPacific 2554 Upgraded LinkedIn
Bio-Techne 2550 Upgraded
Boule Medical AB 3465
Capricorn Products LLC 1938
Carolina Liquid Chemistries 3514 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Central BioHub GmbH 1070 FacebookLinkedIn
Chromsystems GmbH 2018
Cone Bioproducts 1655
Daan Gene Co., Ltd. 3674
DIAGAM S.A. 2048
DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. 1068
DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. 1054 Twitter
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH 4001 LinkedIn
EastCoast Bio, Inc. 4358
Eurotrol, Inc. 3045 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Fujirebio 1339
Gold Standard Diagnostics 3275
Golden West Biologicals, Inc. 3144
Helena Laboratories Corporation 2945
High Technology, Inc. 766 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
HUMAN Gesellschaft fuer Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH 965 Facebook
HyTest 2561 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
IDG Sanzay Corp 1583
Immundiagnostik AG 1610 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
in.vent Diagnostica GmbH 1052
Institut Virion\Serion GmbH 4405
iProcess Global Research Inc 2340 TwitterLinkedIn
IVD Research, Inc. 4209 Upgraded
Joinstar Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. 2384
Kamiya Biomedical Company 2739
Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc. 2534 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc. 3515 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Maine Standards Company (LGC Maine Standards) 2265 Upgraded LinkedIn
Mechatronics Instruments B.V. 1284
Medical Research Networx 3069 Upgraded
MedicalSystem Biotechnology, CO. Ltd 2359 LinkedIn
MedTest Dx 1567 Upgraded LinkedIn
Meridian Bioscience, Inc. 1517 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Microbix Biosystems Inc. 2476
Monobind Inc. 2577 Upgraded
NAMSA 3670
Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. 4114
Northwest Biomedical, Inc. 3368
numares GROUP Corporation 2586 Upgraded
ORGENTEC Diagnostika 1461
ORGENTEC Diagnostika MR3
OYC Americas, Inc. 961
Quantimetrix Corporation 1510 Upgraded LinkedIn
Randox Laboratories 1101 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Revvity/EUROIMMUN AG 2914 LinkedIn
Roche Diagnostics MR15 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Roche Diagnostics MR8
Roche Diagnostics MR24
Roche Diagnostics 1013 Upgraded
Roche Diagnostics MR9 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. 1490
SCIEX 3427 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. 846 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SMC Biosolutions 1391
Sparx Engineering 3388 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SSI Diagnostica 3455 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Streck, Inc. 2035 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Sysmex America 1063 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR5
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR6
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR7
Thermo Fisher Scientific 2110 Upgraded
Trina Bioreactives AG 2144
Trinity Biotech 2163
UTAK Laboratories, Inc. 1038 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Vircell S.L. 2517 FacebookTwitter
WHPM/Hemosure 3501 Upgraded
Wiener lab. 1465 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Yashraj Biotechnology Limited 1066 TwitterLinkedIn
ZeptoMetrix 1801 Upgraded
Zymo Research Corp 4323 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn