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VITRO, S.A. is a Spanish in-Vitro Diagnostic Company active in the fields of Molecular Biology, Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry. We distribute 3rd party diagnostic products as well as our own products under Master Diagnostica brand. We have launched post-PCR multiplex chips for HPV genotyping, Sepsis, AMR, STD, Tick-Borne and Respiratory Virus Kits. We also offer IHC reagents and detection systems. We manufacture FISH probes for solid and oncohematology tumors.

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HPV genotyping, Sepsis, AMR, STD, Tick-Borne, Respiratory Virus Kit, IHC reagents, primary antibodies, universal ultrasensitive IHC detection systems based on micropolymer technology. FISH probes for solid tumors and oncohematology.
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