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As the innovative and technological market leader for automation and instrumentation solutions in in-vitro diagnostics, STRATEC seeks to offer its worldwide partners first class solutions and thereby share responsibility towards their customers and patients. We cover virtually the entire value chain for the specification, design, manufacture and approval of complex analyzer systems – developing and integrating consumables and complementary middleware laboratory software.

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  • STRATEC takes a further step towards the diversification of its product portfolio by introducing stand-alone modules and a new chemiluminescence immunoassay platform as adjuncts to its core business- the development and manufacturing of OEM instrumentation.

    STRATEC develops and manufactures fully automated laboratory solutions for its partners in the fields of in-vitro diagnostics and life sciences. Furthermore, the company offers globally integrated laboratory software and complex consumables for diagnostic and medical applications. STRATEC covers the entire value chain - from development to design through to production along with all the necessary quality assurance.

    Modules – proven core technology

    Reverting to existing and proven technologies, enables a significant reduction in development time thus leading to faster time to market, cost savings and a superior product maturity at launch. Consequently, any collaborating company can fully concentrate on their core competencies and make optimum use of their development and manufacturing resources. A lean module design allows a high degree of integration and provides maximum design freedom in terms of system architecture.

    Modules from STRATEC are integrated into more than 13,000 installed medium to high throughput instruments worldwide. The module designs are high quality, meet all regulatory IVD requirements and are subject to concurrent engineering and continuous improvement, ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is always maintained. All modules are tested for long-term functionality, resulting in excellent reliability values and outstanding product maturity.

    The offering comprises pipetting technologies, pumps, processing modules and consumable and reagent management modules. Decades of experience in translating customer ideas into automated solutions, makes STRATEC your first choice when it comes to choosing your partner in the modules field.

    KleeYa – the flexible platform for your immunoassay menu

    The demand for open bead-based chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers is increasing to address the laboratory challenges of improved efficiency and diagnostic effectiveness. The Diatron KleeYa platform provides a unique approach in the use of different bead based chemiluminescence technologies and offers a superior assay performance, ease of use and cost containment.

    The KleeYa analyzer is an open platform system, which can be utilized by many different providers. The ability to combine a wide variety of methods within a single existing system requires many flexible solutions. Namely, the modular Reagent Cartridge – the primary package for your reagents is equipped with sophisticated RFID technology, a flexible Trigger System, which allows an easy exchange of flash and glow substrates plus an intuitive, user-friendly assay programming software package.

    See our module portfolio and the benefits that KleeYa can deliver to your immunoassay menu by meeting us on our booth #3531.

    Further information is also available on our homepage



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