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MeMed’s mission is to decode and translate the immune system's complex signals into actionable insights, transforming how infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders are diagnosed and treated. The first clinical dilemma that we help address is whether an infection is bacterial or viral. Since making this distinction can be clinically unclear, physicians are challenged to decide whether to treat or not with antibiotics. By integrating host response data, we provide physicians with a likelihood score for a bacterial etiology that can support more informed treatment decisions.

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  • MeMed BV™ on MeMed Key™
    MeMed Key makes it possible to conduct highly sensitive, rapid, multiplexed protein measurements at the point of need that previously could only be done on central lab equipment. MeMed Key is a compact immunoassay platform which can run the MeMed BV test distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections in just 15 minutes. MeMed BV & MeMed Key are currently not available for sale in the US....

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