Embryo Connections  

Denver,  CO 
United States
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Embryo Connections, an embryo donation concierge, helps those with remaining embryos from IVF to donate to intended parents struggling to have children of their own. We can create a seamless embryo donation solution (or enhance an internal program, if you have one) so that you can confidently provide embryo donation as an offering to your storage clients and Intended Parents, without expending clinic resources. The national, secular, and inclusive donation program has grown to work with over 100 fertility practices because it empowers donors, intended parents, AND providers with informed choice. Embryo donation is customized to your needs. WIth our assisted matching program, clients choose families based on factors including a spectrum of characteristics and interaction options. EC then manages the clinical and logistic requirements to secure the donations for transfer, making the embryo donation easy, seamless, and successful.



 Press Releases

  • Embryo Connections launched Embrace Embryo Donation, a platform for embryo donation education and community in September 2023 to support public awareness and understanding.

    The platform provides video testimonials and articles from actual embryo donors, recipients, donor conceived people, and reproductive professionals - including Reproductive Endocrinologists, RNs, Embryology Lab Directors, Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals, to explore the big questions of embryo donation, and to provide a sense of community for those considering the family building or disposition option. 

    Embrace Embryo Donation platform and communication was funded by a 2022 ASRM Access to Care grant and the Healh and Human Services/Office of Population Affairs - Embryo Adoption Education and Awareness grant.