Sponsorship Opportunities

Over 25,000 pharmacy professionals will be exposed to your message. ASHP has developed sponsorship packages which include even more benefits and exposure! Choose from our menu of sponsorship items and opportunities that will best support your objectives and budget as you develop strategies to drive traffic to your booth and engage with your customers.
Review these opportunities and select the offerings that will best support your objectives as you develop strategies to drive traffic to your booth and engage with your customers. In addition, we can customize packages to suit your requirements and budget. Sponsorships are now available to non-exhibiting companies. There is a $5,100 surcharge for companies who are not participating in the exhibit program. Your company must still meet the same criteria as an exhibitor to sponsor any of the following opportunities.

Sponsorship Packages and Opportunities Include:

Premium Upgraded Exhibitor Listing X X
Extended Upgraded Exhibitor Listing X
Floor Sticker in front of company booth recognizing your booth support X X X X
1 Priority Point per $2,500 Sponsorship Dollars X X X X X
Company logo on ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting website recognizing your support X X X X X
Company logo in Exhibitor Guide X X X X X
Thank you signage throughout the meeting in high traffic areas X X X X X
Recognition in the Onsite Program Book X X X X X
Recognition on the Attendee and Exhibitor Meeting Newsletter X X X X X

SHUTTLE BUS CLINGS | $125,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | $75,000 (Co-sponsorship) 2 Available | $40,000 - Headrests (Exclusive Sponsorship)
Recognition: Corporate or Product

Shuttle bus branding puts you in front of thousands of meeting attendees as well as local professionals during their daily commute around the city. This is an unparalleled opportunity to get your company name in front of attendees first thing in the morning and again when they head out of the convention center at the end of the day. The sponsor will receive a 2’ x 16’ banner on the curb side of the shuttle pickup (estimated 30-35 buses) and drop off location at the convention center. Cost of production included.

HEADSHOT STUDIO | $75,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

The Headshot Studio offers you the opportunity to make attendees smile with a professional photo experience. Generate traffic to your booth by distributing tickets in the exhibit hall.  Each ticketed participant will receive their digital photo via a customized email prominently featuring your logo.

HOTEL KEY CARDS  | $50,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Make a first impression as attendees arrive! Customized hotel key cards with your personalized design will be distributed to meeting attendees upon check in at the headquarter hotels. And, they’ll continue to see your branding throughout the meeting dates as they access their hotel rooms.

WI-FI ACCESS AT THE CONVENTION CENTER | $60,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Your support allows attendees to enjoy free wireless Internet throughout the meeting space and foyer area (does not include exhibit halls). Your corporate name and logo will appear on the onsite signage recognizing your support of this much valued service.


LANYARDS | $55,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Meeting participants will help to generate visibility for your company as they travel throughout the convention center and host hotels wearing the lanyards with your company name on them. Distributed at registration, you’ll reach attendees early as they check in for the meeting.
MOBILE APP | $60,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Capture the attention of attendees before, during and after the meeting by sponsoring the Live! app. Attendees will access session information, exhibit program details and logistical information through the mobile app. Each time an attendee launches the app your company logo will appear on the home page. Also, includes a sticky banner at the bottom of the screen.
RECHARGING STATIONS | $55,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Support the popular charging stations placed in high traffic areas within the convention center and capture the attention of the attendees while they are tapping into your power source. Price includes print signage and electrical power on six recharging stations.
ESCALATOR RUNNERS | $50,000 | Recognition: Corporate or Brand

Ensure attendees are aware of your presence at the meeting by securing one of these prime locations for visibility. Sponsorship includes production of the runner, installation, and removal.
COLUMN WRAPS | $50,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) (Co-sponsorships Available) 

Advertise your company on column warps in prominent locations. Sponsor wrap will cover four designated columns in high traffic public areas of the convention center.
SCHEDULE & ACTIVITY PLANNER | $40,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Distributed in the official meeting registration bag to every attendee, the Schedule & Activity Planner is a compact resource for the Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. The planner contains important need to know meeting information including: the meeting schedule-at-a-glance, meeting hotel map with shuttle schedule information, popular local restaurants and more! The sponsor will receive prominent recognition by receiving ad space on the inside front and back covers as well as a 2-page spread within the 4"x9" booklet. 
MEETING REGISTRATION BAGS | $50,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

This is an exceptional opportunity to ensure your company’s corporate or product branding is seen everywhere as attendees carry these bags throughout the convention center. Attendees will use these totes onsite and back in their workplace ensuring your branding will endure beyond the 4-day event. Sponsor will receive one complimentary insert inside the registration bag (subject to ASHP approval).
AISLE SIGNS | $45,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Your logo will be displayed on all aisle signs within the exhibit hall ensuring that attendees see your branding as they navigate from one aisle to the next. Sponsorship includes two aisle signs per aisle in the exhibit hall, the production, installation and removal of all aisle signs.
BADGE SPONSORSHIP | $25,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate

Attendees can’t miss your presence as your logo will be on the back of each meeting badge and the self-registration kiosks screens as they check into the meeting.
LOBBY BANNERS | $25,000 | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Make an impression as attendees first enter the convention center with this highly visible lobby banner. Fee includes banner production and labor (hanging) charges.
ITINERARY PLANNER WEBPAGE BANNER (DIGITAL OPPORTUNITY) | $30,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship) | Recognition: Corporate or Product

A dedicated webpage where attendees create their own schedule and print out presentation handouts (also viewable on the mobile app). Your logo will be front and center with a clickable banner ad. 

FLOOR CUBES | $20,000 | Recognition: Corporate or Brand

Catch the eyes of attendees by securing this back-lit structure placed in prominent areas of the Expo Hall and Convention Center.

EXHIBIT HALL BANNERS | $18,000 4 available | Banner Size (10'W x 5'L)

Guarantee exposure and reach attendees with your message by securing one or more hanging banners in key locations within the Exhibit Hall. Fee includes banner production and labor (hanging) charges.
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BATHROOM CLINGS | $15,000 | Recognition: Corporate or Brand

Do not miss this opportunity to place your branding in front of a captive audience! Clings will be placed on the mirrors in four Expo Hall restrooms. 
FLOOR STICKERS  | $15,000 2 available 

Lead attendees to your booth. Make an impression with your company branding and messaging on a 3’ x 3’ carpet sticker as attendees enter the Exhibit Hall take the escalator or walk the aisles. Limit one carpet overlay sponsorship per company with up to two designs.
PARK BENCHES | $15,000 2 available | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Stand out in the Exhibit Hall with your company branding on park benches placed down the heavily trafficked main cross aisle. Each opportunity includes 4 benches back-to-back. Each set of benches will include signage on each bench and one 2'x2' floor decal on the aisle carpet in front of the forward facing bench. 
WINDOW CLINGS | $12,500 2 available | Cling size (2'x2') | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Present your company branding in front of all meeting attendees as they stroll the convention center halls. This can’t miss branding opportunity is a sure way to capture the attention of all individuals at the meeting.
RIBBON WALL | $9,500 | Recognition: Corporate or Brand

Spark engagement at Midyear and support the Ribbon Wall, which allows attendees to personalize their badges with ribbons representing all of the recognition opportunities Midyear has to offer. 
YOU ARE HERE SIGNS | $10,000 4 units available | Recognition: Corporate or Product 

These free-standing signs are placed in high traffic areas in the exhibit hall. Your messaging is sure to be noticed with the large panels featuring your corporate or product advertising assisting attendees as they navigate through the hall.
PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON THE MOBILE APP  | One - $8,000, Two - $14,000 | Limited to ten total

Reach over 14,000 mobile app users at the conference with your branded message. You choose the specific time and day that your message is delivered.
TABLE CLINGS | $10,000 2 available | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Attendees will take note of your messaging while they stop to take a break, have some refreshments, and network with their colleagues within the exhibit hall. Includes ten 3' round pedestal table top clings and production/installation costs.
METER BOARDS | $12,000 | Recognition: Corporate or Product

Deliver your message and branding on meter boards. Your boards will be placed outside the exhibit hall and be seen as the attendees walk the convention halls. Includes three meter boards. Limit one sponsorship per company.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE | Call for Pricing | Recognition: Corporate or Brand

Secure advertising space and have your message played on screens located throughout the Convention Center

Sponsorship Application

Right of First Refusal provided to Incumbent sponsors for 60 day after meeting conclusion.

Contact Information: 

Email: ashpexhibits@spargoinc.com  
In the United States:  800-564-4220
International Callers:  1-703-631-6200