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Precision Valveless Dispensers & Metering Pumps featuring FMI's patented CeramPump® design. One moving part, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston, accomplishes all fluid control functions without valves. Sapphire-hard ceramic internals are wear resistant, chemically inert & dimensionally stable. From 3 uL per dispense to 4 L/min continuous flow at 0.5% precision. Miniature OEM pumps for clinical chemistry & analytical instrumentation. Lab, process & programmable production models also.

 Press Releases

  • SYOSSET, NY (January, 2021) Fluid Metering Inc. a microfluidic solutions provider is pleased to introduce the FVD series of variable dispense pumps (patent pending).

    As microfluidics continue to emerge as powerful technology in the life sciences sector so is the desire to simplify fluidic architecture. The innovative, compact, low-profile design of Fluid Meterings’ ’s Variable Dispense Pump address these challenging requirements with unparalleled accuracy and precision while doubling the lifecycle of current market technology.

    Fluid Metering’s Variable Dispense Pump high performance, technologically  advanceed design combines priming or washing, and a precise dispensing pump all in one complete package.  The patented CeramPump® design utilizes a single, dimensionally stable and chemically inert ceramic “valveless” piston liner set for precise fluid control.  This series of Variable Dispense Pumps provides the ability to have a higher flow rate for priming the line, and automatically adjusts to a small dispense volume ranging from liters to millilieters to microliters to accommodate the desired dispense or flows for any application.

    “We are excited about the market changing capabilities that the launch of the Variable Dispense Pump will bring to the Life Sciences market. This innovative design has been through our most rigorous verification and validation process, with a test fleet of sixty units that have been through millions of flawless cycles. The FVD will help engineers simplify their fluidic architecture and improve instrument relability” said Robert Morin, Vice President, Commercial Operations at Fluid Metering Inc.

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