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Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm! Medical Electronic Systems is a Los Angeles based technology company specializing in rapid, automated semen analysis for the laboratory and home. The MES line of CE and FDA approved Sperm Quality Analyzers are sold through an extensive network of international distributors and direct to consumer in the USA. MES is ISO certified as a medical manufacturer and has distribution offices in America, Europe, Asia and Israel. Stop by our booth to lean more!


Medical Electronic Systems Automated Semen Analyzer Product Lineup

 Press Releases

  • New YO Smartphone/PC/MAC based home sperm test kit + app brings the Sperm and Egg together in the reproductive journey – a first!  Since both a sperm and an egg are required to make a baby, YO now addresses the male and female Path to Pregnancy by providing fertility education and resources with Fertility Focused Tools.  Men and Women can now prepare for the fertility journey together, or as individuals.  “Remember it ALL started with a sperm and an egg”   

    LOS ANGELES,CA— February 22, 2021Medical Electronic Systems (MES), an established manufacturer of commercial-grade automated semen analyzers for the past 20 years that has become the gold standard in automated semen analysis, today announced the launch of the new YO 2.0  WIFI with the Path to Pregnancy app for both men and women.  The multi-use YO device interfaces with a Smartphone, PC or MAC to run a his and hers fertility app that not only leads men through the sperm testing process, but also guides the couple through research-based lifestyle improvements to positively impact fertility. These include a fertility focused diet, exercise program, general health guidelines and other Fertility Tools. In addition, the Locate an Expert tool provides links to healthcare fertility professionals. 

    About YO

    Unlike other home fertility tests that are limited to measuring total sperm concentration, YO is the first and only FDA, CE, Health Canada, TGA cleared device to measure Motile Sperm Concentration (the number of moving sperm). Since it takes a moving sperm to fertilize an egg in normal conception, sperm motility is a critical factor in determining male fertility. At a consumer-accessible price point of $79.95, the YO kit includes a 50-use YO device and two YO fertility tests.  Not only does YO report motility results, it also provides a live sperm video and a sperm motility and quality ranking YO SCORE, which compares your results to other men who have fathered a child.  In addition, results can be sent directly from the YO device to a healthcare professional, a great feature that facilitates remote, home based healthcare.

    Learn About YO:

    About Infertility

    Traditionally, concerns about fertility have focused primarily on the woman.  Common thought is that a man who can ‘perform’ is fertile.  However, the truth is that approximately 40–50% of cases of infertility have a contributing “male factor” such as poor sperm motility, abnormally shaped sperm or a low overall number of sperm cells, all of which can impact fertility. Infertility is a worldwide concern and statistics show that ~ 14% of all those trying to conceive face fertility issues due to increasing global infertility and delaying parenthood.  So, once someone is trying to conceive, timing is critical.  With YO, a man can easily test his swimmers, see his sperm video, monitor his fertility improvement with his YO SCORE and share his results, from home, without delay and with >97% accuracy.    

    From the Experts

    “In these times of COVID-19, home testing has become mainstream. So, it’s very important that a home test works with proven accuracy and provides useful information for health screening.  YO does this and we’re proud to be building people’s awareness and knowledge that the road to conception involves knowing BOTH the man’s and the woman’s fertility status and understanding their potential for improving their fertility through fact-based lifestyle changes,” said Marcia Deutsch, CEO of MES.

    “A male contribution to infertility is common and should be assessed early on in a couple’s path to achieve parenthood. To enable a man to assess his motile sperm concentration in the privacy of his home, using the FDA approved YO home sperm test presents a significant opportunity for a couple to become more educated about their fertility potential.” Dr. Natan Bar-Chama, M.D. / Einstein College of Medicine

    The Company behind YO

    Medical Electronic Systems, the company behind the YO Home Sperm Test, has been producing and supplying commercial-grade automated semen analyzers to most major laboratories in the U.S. for the past 20 years. Approximately 4,000 of the company’s analyzers have been installed in hospitals and independent laboratories globally, including the country's largest research labs, premier hospital systems, the US military, fertility clinics and centers of reproductive excellence across America. MES semen analyzers are known and trusted as the premier automated solution in the industry because they perform reliably and accurately on a routine basis, thereby making MES the largest purveyor of automated semen analyzers in the US.

    More about YO

    YO™ is a home sperm testing device and app that reports motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) and provides a live sperm video and YO SCORE™ sperm quality rating. The YO Home Sperm Test is the first consumer product offered by Medical Electronic Systems (MES), an established developer and manufacturer of commercial-grade automated semen analyzers serving the needs of laboratories for the past 20 years. The free YO app can be downloaded from Google Play, the App Store or the YO website.  YO home sperm test kits are available worldwide and can be purchased on the YO website, AMAZON or the FSA/HSA store.


  • SQA-Vision Sperm Quality Analyzer
    MES developed the SQA-Vision as an intuitive tool for fertility screening, post-vasectomy follow-up, sperm banking, research or detailed IVF assessment. In addition to the predecessor’s testing modes (Fresh, Washed, Frozen and Post Vas), the SQA-Vision now includes Density Gradient, Swim-Up, Longevity and Vitality testing options....

  • The SQA-Vision is the world leader in automated semen analysis for clinical diagnosis, IUI preparation, and Cryo-Banking requirements.

    WWW.MES-GLOBAL.COM | The SQA-Vision was developed based on 10 years of market feedback and is positioned to augment the MES line of SQA-V and QwikCheck semen analyzers with a top of the line solution. The SQA-Vision includes a high-resolution visual interface, bar code scanner, built-in LIS capability, and ‘touch-to-mark’ technology for assessing both sperm Vitality and conducting full differential Morphology.  New for 2019 is a dedicated cryobank mode to assist with all aspects of testing, preparation and QC.  MES developed the SQA-Vision as an intuitive tool for fertility screening, post-vasectomy follow-up, sperm banking, research or detailed IVF assessment. In addition to the predecessor’s testing modes (Fresh, Washed, Frozen and Post Vas), the SQA-Vision now includes Density Gradient, Swim-Up, Longevity and Vitality testing options.  Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!

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